A Report from A K Malhotra of Bhavana U3A Lucknow:
North India suffers from extreme cold season and chilly winds in the months of Nov to Feb every year. The worst affected is poor class, who live in hutments and do not have the warm cloths to wear or cover themselves. Like every year, this year also BHAVANA made its little contribution to mitigate their miseries to some extent. 550 Nos. of New Blankets, Cloths & other items of domestic utilities were distributed to pre identified destitute section of society in Lucknow and two villages in remote rural areas.
India has finally woken up to the needs of the country's elderly. With the number of people in the 60-plus age group in India expected to increase to 100 million in 2013 and to 198 million in 2030, the health ministry is all set to roll out the National Programme for the Health Care of the Elderly (NPHCE).

A ministry note, available with TOI, estimates that the elderly population will increase to 12% of the total population by 2025, 10% of which would be bedridden, requiring utmost care. See the Times of India article. (Thank you A K Malhotra - Bhavana U3A Lucknow).

From Dr T M Dak, Hon. Secretary of Indian Society of Universities of the Third Age (ISU3A).
To avail concession in registration fee for the next World U3A conference scheduled at Singapore from Aug 8th & 9th 2011, it is necessary that the membership applications along with membership fee of new members are sent to us immediately so as to get ID cards prepared and dispatched positively during first week of March 2011. Note, early bird concession in registration fee will be admissible till end of March 2011.
Report from R P Rammohan, Energy Consultant: taken from Karmayog Hyderabad-Secunderabad
Cement roads are far better than tar roads energy wise, environment wise, life cycle cost wise....
The so-called tar in India is routinely adulterated with used engine oils, which are easily available by the tonnes in each city. This makes the hot tar mix look very "healthy" with a high tar content, but this mix never sets or binds properly. Hence the tar roads go to pieces in just one rain.

This is one of the best-kept secrets of the Indian road making contractors.

It looks like used engine oils is being used since many decades in India as an adulterant in petroleum products also in very huge quantities helping doctors and hospitals to mint money from the various diseases caused by the deadly pollutants released up on burning of the adulterated tar, petroleum products...

Institutionalised corruption in India seem to have killed lakhs if not millions
people and made millions more very sick during the last 4-5 decades.

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