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Tom Holloway
"I am Secretary-General of WorldU3A an online service for U3A's world-wide. I retired from IBM after 25 years service and now spend my time teaching web design and setting up websites for charities in India.

My particular interest is in helping charities that support dalits and the dispossessed. I sponsor and fund the MSF School in Hyderabad A.P. Click here for details of that."

Click on the links on the right to find news of U3A events in India and South Asia, plus links to educational resources of a (mostly) non-computer nature to be found on the world-wide-web.

U3A Patrika is no longer sent out as an advisory email on the first of every month from WorldU3A International Group and ISU3A India, to any and all U3A members anywhere in the world. Further issues will be edited and distributed at the discretion of the ISU3A Executive Committee.

Newsletter Editors: Please use any of these items (or all of them if you wish) to fill in the corners of your local newsletters.


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