U3A Patrika - Issue number 3 - APRIL 2009
Editors: Dr Meena Darbari - Tom Holloway

Are you planning to travel soon? The Cleartrip Train Calendar at http://www.cleartrip.com/trains/calendar provides an indication of availability for a range of dates across trains, so you can find the best date and train to travel. The availability may have changed at the time you try and book.

Cleartrip Train Calendar is a product of Cleartrip Research and is still in an early stage of development. It may behave unexpectedly at times. Please email research at cleartrip.com with any bad behaviour you encounter.

The History Group of Andhra U3A Hyderabad are now more than halfway through their 6-hour viewing and discussion of this excellent BBC DVD. Divided into 6 episodes, it covers India's History from the earliest known beginnings right through to 1947, and it has proved to be an excellent way to start off our Interest Group. We certainly recommend it to other groups.

We meet at the Lions Bhavan in Secunderabad and have had the advantage of a combination laptop and digital projector belonging to our facilitator Tom Holloway. This turns our room into a private cinema and would be a very good investment for any U3A group. However a room with a DVD player and a reasonable size of TV would also be good.

The DVD is available at http://shop.ebay.in/ price Rs 500 plus Rs 40 postage.

For answers to these questions click on the picture right >>>
Should old and ailing persons drive?
Are all patients in old age not fit to drive?
What happens during old age?
Why should old people take precautions?
What physiological changes necessarily accompany old age?

Indian Railway in collaboration with Google is now providing a 10 digit mobile number. Just SMS your PNR number on this mobile number to 9773300000 and instantaneously you will get your ticket's current status - NO need to prefix 0 or +91. Best of all, you don't pay a premium charge for any of this, just the price of a standard SMS. For more details: http://www.google.co.in/mobile/default/sms/#

From Dr T Dak - Hon Secretary of ISU3A

For our World conference, to be held on February 8th/9th/10th 2010, in Chitrakoot, M.P. we have arranged an exceptional discount for those members who book before October 1st. For further information please
click on http://worldu3aconference2010.org and then on the 'Register' button.

A Committee has been formed under the Presidency of S/Shri. S.K. TIWARY and it will coordinate activities at the WORLD U3A Conference to be held at Chitrakoot University.

BHAVANA VILLAGE: It has been decided to adopt a village near LUCKNOW and it is proposed to assist the villagers in providing basic amenities, education, as well as help them in obtaining benefits of various rural area benefit schemes launched by Govt.

The International website for U3A - http://worldu3a.org - also issues a monthly newsletter, with information about resources for local groups.

You can see it with a full year of excellent back-issues at http://worldu3a.org/signpost and all readers of U3A Patrika are invited to join it.

R.S. Dhakar - Udaipur

A Bhajan & Games programme of U3a Happy Mitra-Udaipur was organised on Sunday 22.3.09 at Manak Lal Verma Park.

The picture you see at the top of this U3A Patrika Newsletter was taken there.

Prayag U3A Allahabad - report from Prof. R N Kapoor
On March 8th
, members spent full day in the suburb Jhusi and visited several temples and had lunch. They attended a training programme of Kryia Yoga for an hour. Around 4pm all assembled in GBPant Social Science Institute's hall and joined the Triveni U3A group meeting to celebrate HOLI. Several poets were also invited to recite poems and it was a very lively get-together

On March 15th Kalyani U3A Allahabad (women only) had a lively Holi celebration. Several members participated in the music programmes including dances and songs. Members of All India Women Association had also participated.

'The Legacy of Partition' is a project run by the Record Office for Leicestershire. Interviews have been collected from local people who remember the Partition of India in 1947 and the resulting exhibition is on show at the Record Office for the next few weeks. More information about the project, exhibition and resources can be found here.

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