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Objectives of Indian Society of U3A

The broad long term objective guiding IAU3A is to mobilise, orgainse and empower elderly so as to enable them to continue learning and working for leading healthy, active, productive and self-fulfilling life in later years.

The main task of IAU3A is to bring elderly together in mutual interest and respect and to impress upon them the value of later life learning. In specific terms, the IAU3A will try to meet the following specific objectives:

1. To offer elders learning opportunities which they could not avail of during early years for whatever reason.

2. To provide elders opportunities for sharing experiences through interchange of mails and participating in discussions with similar active ageing groups registered all over the world under the main concept U3A.

3. To create conditions for the elderly that help them to continue learning and working in later years thereby remain self-relevant and independent.

4. To undertake and encourge study and research into the state of elderly in India, their needs and problems, measures that may keep them healthy and active.

5. To educate and sensitise society, community and family about the roles and contribution of the elderly and to motivate them in their care.

6. To identify skills and talents of the elderly and to design and implement programmes for their utilisation in social and national development.

7. To launch special programmes for early retirees, disabled and unemployed elders to facilitate them to lead later years productively and joyfully.

8. To help create and arrange learning opportunities, facilities for learning new technologies and stimulate the elderly to acquire skills in vocations, arts, culture, yoga, meditation etc. for successful ageing.

9. To collect and publish information useful for the present and prospective elders and to act as a clearing-house to disseminate information.

10. To pay special attention to prospective third agers in 50+ age group and to provide them exposure, through modern communication techniques, for successful and active ageing.

11. To promote interaction among national and international U3A to share experiences and to learn about effective Third Age programmes through joint exchange visits and U3As international network.

12. To liaison with national and international government and non-government organisations to understand and appreciate the needs and problems of third agers and to make them to respond to the demands and contributions of the elderly.

13. To ensure representation of the IAU3A in national, international and multi-national organisations directly or indirectly through securing representation on committees / sub groups for pursuing effectively the cause of the elderly.

14. To persuade universities and institutions for evolving a framework for life long non-award bearing open learning with research for, by and with the third agers.

15. To organise periodical meetings, workshops, trainings and seminars to share experiences, research findings and to plan collaborative endeavours among U3As.

16. To promote inter generational understanding and support between the young and old through dialogues and joint activities.

17. To develop database of themes and programmes pursued by U3As in India.

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